Step 1

Ideas gathering

Let’s start from your dream home. What will your dream house be like? What house types do you prefer? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?


Step 2

Discussion & Consultation

Meet with our experienced consultants and project managers; talk to us about your budget and time frame.


Step 3

Design phase

Making a plan based on your concept; our architects will start preliminary design on your dream home for you to consider.


Step 4

Budget works

Based on your design, we will generate the cost estimation for you. At this stage, a pre-consent deposit will be required to commence working drawings. When you choose to build your Mega home, this deposit is subtracted from the contract price. We can also offer assistance on Finance.


Step 5

Working drawing phase

This is an existing stage where you can see all details are brought together. Meanwhile, it is time to make choices on interior and exterior design for your dream house.


Step 6

Building consent

A building consent is an approval from the council to carry out building work at a specific site. We'll take care of this for you as part of our process. A pre-consent deposit will be required at this stage.


Step 7

Construction Stage

Now the construction works start. Staged payments will be made throughout the construction process. Our team will contact you regularly to keep you informed, and arrange site visits so you can see the progress.


Step 8

Ready to move in

Once the construction is finished and final payment has been made, it is ready to move in. Relax and enjoy living in your new home.